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Heritage Culture by Tina Andrean

Driven by passionate love to batik and inspired by Indonesian cultural Heritage, Tina Andrean established Heritage Culture in 2015. Longing to be able to introduce and preserve the beauty and uniqueness of Indonesian Cultures through the touch of modern and personally designs that are simple and elegant style without losing the value of features and touch of the culture itself. The signature of heritage culture handmade pure batik tulis fabric by craftmen with exclusive handmade collection in our workshop made in exquisite clothes with detailed touch of art. Driven by passion and desire to design creatively between modern fashion and blend with Indonesia Heritage with optimism in any occasion and daily thematic products such as; Formal Jacket, Semi formal dress, Cocktail dress, Casual Dress, Kebaya, Men Shirts, Shawl, thematic Kain selendang and Hand Bag.

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At Jl Blora No 29. Jakarta Pusat
P: 02121232859